Wooden Fire Hall Sign

Business signs from 1' to 13' long and 4' wide.

You will find us in the small town of Nakusp, in the heart of British Columbia, in a newly constructed state of the art shop.  With wood chips flying and sandpaper racing we create almost anything you can imagine, and we love a challenge.

Joseph Hughes started this company in 2012 because of his love for sculpting, finished woodworks and the carving capabilities of his CNC machine.  Working from home means he is never far from his three young children and wife who usually come along on the road trips to deliver signs or attend trade shows.  The Droid’s Chisel really is a family business.

So what do we create?  Basically anything.  We have made key fobs and 13′ signs, wooden clocks and chainsaw characters.  Any graphic, text or sketch can be converted into a 3D carve.  Take a moment and look around this site, you might be surprised by what is hiding in our galleries.  We are always looking for ways to diversify our portfolio, so if you have a project unique to The Droid’s Chisel, we will give a great deal.

If you are looking for a bigger project you’ll be happy to hear that Joseph is a journeyman carpenter who has built homes from bottom to top.  Also he is in his second term as elected village councilor so navigating permits or bylaws is familiar territory.  To top it off he has a diploma in marketing from Mount Royal University so he has a skilled eye for business design and promotion.

Hand made woodworks